Our preferred masterplan

Heathrow’s vision is to give passengers the best airport service in the world. The layout of an expanded Heathrow – and all the different parts or components within it – is crucial to achieving this vision. Our latest thinking on the layout of the future airport’s physical infrastructure is called our Preferred Masterplan.

As well as providing excellent passenger experience, our Preferred Masterplan must also work for local communities, airlines, freight operators, commuters, our investors and other airport users, while being sustainable, efficient and fulfilling our commitments to the environment. This section explains how we have developed our Preferred Masterplan to balance these requirements.

The expansion of Heathrow is made up of a number of different parts, or components, which when put together form our Preferred Masterplan. During Airport Expansion Consultation One, we presented options for these components and asked for feedback on them. Our Preferred Masterplan takes account of that feedback, as well as that received through engagement with our communities and stakeholders and the findings of our ongoing surveys and assessments.

This section summarises the main parts which make up our Preferred Masterplan before explaining how we propose to develop and deliver these plans over time.

Please also see our Plans section for an interactive map explaining the phases of development.