Surface Access Introduction*

The expansion of Heathrow is a unique opportunity to change the way that people and goods travel to, from and around the airport.

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Improving surface access brings a range of benefits to passengers and colleagues, but also to local communities around the airport. We want Heathrow to be a great place to live, work and visit and we know from our engagement that good transport links to the airport are important for local people and local businesses.

This section describes how we propose to improve and develop transport and travel for an expanded Heathrow to help us meet the mode share targets in the Airports National Policy Statement (NPS) and achieve our pledge to deliver expansion with no more airport-related traffic on the roads than there is today. The physical changes we are proposing to make to surface access are described earlier in Roads and rail; Active Travel; and Parking.

As the airport grows, the number of passengers, colleagues and goods vehicles needing to travel to and from Heathrow will increase.

We want to accommodate this increase in demand in a way that reduces effects on local communities and on the wider UK transport network. To do this, we need to manage surface access to control both emissions and congestion.

The Airports NPS sets out targets for us to increase the proportion of trips made to the airport by passengers by public transport to at least 50% by 2030 and 55% by 2040.

The Airports NPS also requires us to reduce the number of car trips made by colleagues by at least 25% by 2030 and 50% by 2040 compared to 2013 levels.

Surface Access Proposals

Our Surface Access Proposals cover seven key areas:

These deliver on our sustainability agenda and comply with the Airports NPS targets.

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