Socio-economic and Employment*

Heathrow is a cornerstone of the local economy and we are one of the largest single-site employers in the country.

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Over 70,000 people work onsite at the airport, across more than 400 businesses. Expansion will provide a range of new employment and training opportunities but will also require a number of existing commercial uses to be removed or relocated.

What is included in our socio-economics and employment assessment?

The Socio-economics and employment assessment includes the effects on commercial land and property, businesses, employment, skills, training and the labour market, as well as the wider economy.

Our plan

We are committed to recruiting, training and managing apprentices across a network of companies and suppliers operating at the airport to help people pick and develop an exciting career, not just a job.

As part of our DCO application, we will set out a plan to implement our commitment to deliver a total of 10,000 apprenticeships at an expanded airport.

In early 2019 we launched our Shared Apprenticeship Scheme which will give apprentices the opportunity to learn and develop a broad range of skills and experiences.

A new ‘Skills Passport’ will also be trialled which logs the achievements of the apprentices. This will help to facilitate the transfer of skills and experience to other major UK projects. On top of this, 1,200 work placement days for local T-level students in construction and digital careers will be implemented from September 2020.

We have also committed to providing 10,000 work experience days by 2030, including for people with additional learning needs and disabilities, older job seekers and groups facing barriers to employment and progression.

Aspects of our proposals that could cause effects

The increased number of flights and passengers at an expanded Heathrow will result in additional jobs and opportunities for enhancing skills and training, as well as benefits to the wider economy.

The land required for the construction and operation of the Project will result in displacement of some businesses and commercial activity, as set out in Displaced land uses and community facilities, and Utilities. Changes to the operation of the transport network may result in changes to the catchment area (labour and businesses) and the ability of local residents to travel to work.

A summary of the effects reported in the Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR)

The construction of the third runway will result in significant positive effects on the labour market by providing jobs, opportunities for enhancing skills and training and creating opportunities for businesses in the supply chain.

Construction will also result in the disruption of businesses and commercial activity, either because the business is displaced or because it affects the viability of the businesses. Residents’ ability to travel to work may be affected by changes to the local transport network.

At this point in the EIA process it has not been possible to fully assess all of the likely significant effects, and so these will be considered further prior to the DCO application being made, and any significant effects will be reported in our Environmental Statement.

An expanded Heathrow will result in a significant increase in the number of direct jobs onsite, as well as other Heathrow-linked jobs in the wider economy. This provides opportunities for enhancing the skills and training of both new and existing members of the workforce. There are also related potential positive effects as a result of the increased trade, Foreign Direct Investment and tourism associated with Heathrow.

Further work will be done to understand the nature of the commercial businesses that are likely to be displaced or disrupted, although the overall effect of displacement of commercial properties is found to be not significant.

Measures for reducing potential effects

As part of this consultation, we are seeking views on an Economic Development Framework which sets out the approach we intend to take to maximise the economic benefits of the Project. We will work with partners and take account of views raised in this consultation, to develop the Economic Development Framework into an Economic Development Strategy to be included with our DCO application.

The Economic Development Strategy will set out an overarching strategy which seeks to enhance the skills, employment, training and education for both new and existing members of the labour market. This will include a credible plan to implement our commitment to deliver a total of 10,000 apprenticeships at an expanded airport and a skills, education and training action plan. The Strategy will also include an action plan which seeks to maximise supply chain benefits, innovation inward investment and tourism.

Our overall proposals

In addition to the question on this page, we also want to know what you think about our overall proposals to manage the environmental effects of expansion and, in particular:

  • whether there are any other initiatives or proposals that we should consider to address the emissions from airport related traffic or airport operations;
  • our proposals to help health and well-being, in particular whether there are any proposals that you think we should consider to address the effect of the Project on the health and wellbeing of our colleagues, neighbours and passengers;
  • our noise insulation schemes;
  • what factors are most important as we develop our proposals for noise management, in particular our proposals for the design and implementation of a noise envelope;
  • our proposals for maximising new jobs and training, in particular, whether there are any other ways that we can maximise skills and training opportunities to benefit our local communities;
  • on our approach to addressing effects on the historic environment, including any particular proposals you would like us to consider.

To respond to our proposals please answer the overarching question on the Environmental Introduction page.

Have your say

Heathrow is a cornerstone of the local economy and we are one of the largest single-site employers in the country. Expansion will provide a range of new employment and training opportunities.

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