Road User Charging Proposals*

At Heathrow today, there is no charge for vehicle access or drop-offs at our terminals. We recognise that we need to take bold action to meet our commitments to the environment and to local communities.

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To align with our pledge to deliver expansion with no more airport related traffic than today and to meet the targets in the Airports NPS, we are planning to introduce road user charges which will help to achieve these.

Our analysis shows that road user charges are necessary to achieve the targets in the Airports NPS and ensure we can keep the overall number of airport related vehicle trips static with levels today. We propose to introduce the charges in two phases.

Heathrow Ultra-Low Emissions Zone

As part of our proposals to expand Heathrow, we propose to introduce a ‘Heathrow Ultra-Low Emission Zone’ (HULEZ) by 2022, which will help us to manage emissions and encourage passengers to consider other modes of transport or cleaner vehicles.

The HULEZ will introduce minimum vehicle emissions standards identical to the London Mayor’s ULEZ for passenger cars (passengers who park, as well as vehicles which pick-up or drop-off passengers) and private hire vehicles entering car parks or drop-off areas at any of Heathrow’s terminals, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The HULEZ charge will not apply to those who live local to the airport or those travelling around the airport unless visiting airport facilities.

Registered Disabled Passenger Vehicles are proposed to be exempt from the HULEZ.

Heathrow Vehicle Access Charge

Following the opening of the third runway (around 2026) we propose to replace the HULEZ with the Heathrow Vehicle Access Charge (HVAC). The HVAC will apply to all passenger cars, taxis, and private hire vehicles entering the airport’s car parks and terminal forecourts regardless of the vehicle’s emission standard.

The main aim of the HVAC is to discourage car trips and help establish public transport as the primary means of travel to Heathrow. The charge will also generate revenue which can be used for further investment in improvements in public transport links, service, and coverage.

Blue badge holders will be able to claim a 100% discount from the HVAC. Private hire and taxi drivers will also have the opportunity to qualify for a discount if they register their vehicle with Heathrow based on how many times they ‘backfill’ return trips, which is explained in more detail in our Taxi and Private Hire Proposals.

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We are proposing to introduce a Heathrow Ultra-Low Emission Zone by 2022, which will help us to manage emissions and encourage passengers to consider other modes of transport or cleaner vehicles. We are also proposing to use charging to supplement improvements to public transport and encourage its use, this is known as the Heathrow Vehicle Access Charge. This would be introduced from the opening of the new runway.

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