Public Transport Proposals*

We are committed to improving both the choice and range of options for people travelling to and from Heathrow and improving the quality of their experience.

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Our plans for expansion address this through encouraging greater use of public transport to minimise airport related traffic and the associated emissions.

We know from that for people to choose public transport, it needs to be high quality, frequent, reliable, affordable and meet passenger requirements. Our proposals for public transport at the expanded airport are based on three key principles.

Our three key principles

Making best use of existing public transport

Our aim is to make existing public transport options more attractive to current and potential passengers by making them more affordable, quicker and easier to use and buy tickets for. We will also invest in enhancing the user experience of existing local transport modes that support Heathrow colleagues on their journey to work.

Supporting committed improvements

There are several committed improvements which will increase rail frequency and improve the public transport catchment of the airport. These will help attract passengers from cars and taxis to public transport.

The Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) will provide a direct rail connection from Heathrow to the West End, the City of London and Canary Wharf for the first time. At Old Oak Common, an interchange to HS2 will transform journey times to the Midlands and the North.

There are also the proposed Government schemes for a Western Rail Link and Southern Rail Access to Heathrow, which would further enhance the rail network to the airport and serve the areas to the West and South of the airport.

These improvements are not part of our expansion proposals; however, we will work with promoters to ensure these schemes meet the needs of airport passengers and colleagues.

Developing new public transport routes

We will deliver new public transport links to create a world leading public transport focussed airport.

Our vision is to put Heathrow at the heart of the rail network, with direct links to the west and south. This will increase the number of people who can choose rail when accessing Heathrow.

We also plan to improve coach services through strategic partnerships with coach operators and improvements to the airport bus station in both capacity and passenger experience.

Bus and coach

As part of Heathrow expansion, we will enlarge and strengthen the bus and coach hub at Heathrow and improve the user experience, accessibility and quality of our coach and bus facilities.

We will continue to work with operators to increase coach frequencies to key destinations, with our priorities being routes to the South West, South Wales and the South Coast, as well as increased links to key rail stations where a direct rail service does not currently exist.

We will also work with operators to secure the delivery of new coach routes, potentially including new services to Kent, the North West, the East Midlands and Cambridgeshire.

Indicative future bus corridors
Indicative future coach corridors
Indicative RailAir coach links

We will work with operators to deliver new and improved bus routes and introduce more night buses to help support our colleagues who work early or late shifts. A focus of these improvements is to increase operating hours on services to and from Uxbridge, Hounslow, Kingston and Richmond, and the introduction of faster limited-stop services to Greenford and Hounslow.

We will work with operators to introduce new bus routes to improve links to the south and west of the airport in areas including Maidenhead, Bracknell, Surrey Heath and Elmbridge and ensure that passengers and colleagues from our surrounding communities can reach the airport without having to rely on their car.

The proposed southern access tunnel to the Central Terminal Area will transform Heathrow’s accessibility from south London and Surrey.

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Our proposals for public transport at an expanded Heathrow are based on: Making best use of existing public transport; Supporting committed improvements; and Developing new public transport routes.

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