Airport Masterplans 2022-2050*

Our masterplan and how we operate the airport may need to adapt to changing circumstances, for example, it is not possible to predict how passenger or airline needs may change or how technology may develop.

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As a result, we cannot design all parts of our proposals to the same level of detail at the same time. We need to keep some flexibility for parts of the Project, particularly where these will not be built for many years. We also recognise that some of our proposals may need to change over time.

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Please note, our interactive Plans section allows you to see the proposed phased development of our preferred masterplan on a map.

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Expanding Heathrow is about more than building a new runway. To operate a three-runway airport, we also need to build passenger facilities, infrastructure and relocate or replace some existing buildings and land uses. Our Preferred Masterplan sets out our plans for the future expansion of Heathrow. It has been developed taking into account feedback from previous consultations, as well as community, consumer and stakeholder engagement events and our ongoing design and assessment work.

The expansion of Heathrow will require a number of existing buildings and community facilities to be moved, such as the Immigration Removal Centres at Harmondsworth and Colnbrook.

The boundary of an expanded Heathrow will be carefully designed to improve the overall appearance of the airport and help it blend into the surrounding area.

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