Noise Insulation*

We will offer noise insulation for eligible properties that will be most affected by noise during construction and operation of the expanded airport

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We will offer three schemes, each one to address slightly different circumstances.

  • Scheme 1 – for eligible properties affected by aircraft noise, a full package of sound insulation to habitable rooms
  • Scheme 2 – for eligible properties to address noise from construction, road or rail sources
  • Scheme 3 – a £3000 contribution to a package of sound insulation treatment.

We are proposing to seek powers within our DCO application to be able to carry out noise insulation works compulsorily should that be necessary for properties at the end of the new runway.

For more information, please see our Noise Insulation Policy document.

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We are proposing to introduce three noise insulation schemes for eligible local residents to address the effects of noise from an expanded airport. These will open in stages and prioritise properties in the highest noise areas.

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