Displaced land uses and community facilities; and Utilities

The expansion of Heathrow will affect a number of existing non-residential buildings and community facilities which are currently located in the area we plan to develop for the new runway or areas needed for associated infrastructure or environmental mitigation.

Where possible, we will work with displaced businesses and community facilities to identify suitable alternative locations that meet their needs. Where it is not possible to identify a suitable alternative location, we will provide appropriate compensation.

Major Land uses

The existing Immigration Removal Centres at Harmondsworth and Colnbrook need to be relocated prior to the construction of the new runway. Heathrow has undertaken a detailed site selection process and four potential sites were considered for this relocation in Airport Expansion Consultation One.

Following further engagement with the Home Office and the London Borough of Hounslow a site at Faggs Road between Bedfont and Hatton has emerged as our preferred location, but Mayfield Farm also remains a potential option.

Other major land uses displaced by the new runway include the Total Rail Head, Lakeside Energy from Waste facility, Aggregate Industries’ asphalt plant and British Airways’ Waterside offices. The Total Rail Head facility will be re-provided north of the new runway and west of the M25. This facility will sit alongside the relocated Colnbrook railhead, which will be diverted and realigned in an east-west direction north of the new runway to enhance rail access to the airport for construction and other bulk materials.

Lakeside Energy from Waste facilities, Aggregate Industries’ asphalt plant and British Airways’ Waterside offices are likely to be re-provided by separate planning applications outside of our Development Consent Order (DCO) application.

Community facilities

We want to grow sustainably, working with our local communities and stakeholders to reduce our effects and deliver benefi ts that meet their needs.

A number of community facilities will be affected as part of the Preferred Masterplan. Where possible, we have tried to avoid loss or disruption. Where this is unavoidable, we have developed plans to relocate facilities in carefully chosen locations where they might best serve their communities.

Community engagement will continue to help us plan for the facilities that will need to be relocated:

Harmondsworth Primary School

Harmondsworth Primary School will be displaced by the new runway. Land to the north of the M4 on Stockley Road has been identified as a suitable site for a new school as it is within the school’s catchment area with good access for the community and good connections to green areas.

Heathrow Special Needs Centre

Heathrow Special Needs Centre will be re-provided at a new location immediately west of Poyle. The proposed site was selected as it provides a similar area of land, is located close to the current facility and has good access to public highways and public transport routes.


Three areas of community allotments will be displaced; Stanwell Moor allotments, Moor Lane allotments in Harmondsworth and Pinglestone allotments in Sipson. These will all be re-provided as part of our proposals at locations close to the existing sites.

Property compensation and policies

For more information on our property compensation offers and policies please visit our Compensation section.

How could Heathrow expansion affect your local area?

Please see our Local Neighbourhoods section for more detailed information specific to each local area.


The expansion of Heathrow will affect a number of existing utilities which need to be diverted or relocated. Extra facilities will also be needed to support the growth of the airport and the infrastructure that will be delivered.

This is common for major developments and we have been engaging with key stakeholders to minimise disruption and plan timely and efficient re-provision.

Electricity and other utilities

The existing overhead powerlines at the western end of the new runway will need to be removed and diverted underground.

Longford substation will be relocated to a site to the west of the Colnbrook rail branch line and north of the A3044.

Other utility routes affected, such as the Bath Road Sewer, will be diverted in consolidated utility corridors along routes which minimise effects on existing infrastructure and local communities.


Aircraft fuel is currently stored at the Perry Oaks site, within the existing airport boundary. Four additional fuel tanks are proposed for this facility. Further fuel capacity will be located between the existing and proposed northern runways.


Two options are being considered to deal with waste water generated by an expanded airport. Our preferred option is to send it to the Thames Water Sewer and this is under review with Thames Water. An alternative is to provide a new Waste Water Treatment Plant. This will need to be distant from residential properties due to risk of odour. A site north of Holloway Lane and south of the M4 has been identifi ed for this in our Preferred Masterplan.