Managing the effects of construction*

To help us control and manage the potential effects of construction on local communities, businesses and the environment, we will put in place a Code of Construction Practice (CoCP).

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This document will set out the measures and standards we and our contractors have to follow and meet throughout the construction period, and will help ensure a consistent approach to the management of construction activities.

It will set out our plan for continued engagement with communities who are most affected by construction and will also provide contact details should anybody with concerns about the construction process or activities want to get in touch.

We have developed and are consulting on a draft CoCP which we have discussed with local authorities and other key stakeholders. As well as the measures set out in the CoCP, we will of course comply with legislation and other relevant environmental controls.

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The expansion of Heathrow will require careful planning to ensure that it is successfully delivered in a way that considers the effects of construction on local communities, the environment and the transport network.