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We want to make sure residents have all the information they need to understand our plans. As well as providing information in this consultation, we are holding events where you can have a one to one meeting with our property team.

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What happens in Longford and Bath Road


We will need to acquire homes in Longford relatively early in the construction phase.

If we get our consent in late 2021 we will need to acquire the homes in Longford village in 2022.

Other land and property

We are proposing to relocate the Heathrow Special Needs Centre to the south of Colnbrook in the first year following consent. Other facilities that are expected to be required at that point are the Littlebrook Nursery and the Heathrow Lodge Hotel.

In the following year (2023) we will need the light industrial area to the west of Hatch Lane and north of the A4 as well as BA’s Waterside offices, the Sheraton Hotel, the Immigration Removal Centre and the BT data centre to its north.

The Thistle and Premier Inn hotels will be needed later in the construction programme in the early 2030s. Further information on our property policies
is set out below.

Our property policies

To construct and operate an expanded Heathrow we will need to acquire areas of land which currently include residential, commercial and agricultural properties.

MAP | This map shows the areas within our property compensation zones. For assistance, please contact our community relations team using the contact details on this website.

Compulsory Purchase Zone

This area will need to be acquired for the expansion of Heathrow and is referred to as the Compulsory Purchase Zone. Properties in Longford, Harmondsworth (excluding Zealand Avenue and Pinglestone Close), Sipson and Elbow Meadow in Poyle will be required in 2022. It is anticipated that Zealand Avenue and Pinglestone Close would be required in 2026 but these will be affected by construction from 2022.

Heathrow has developed a discretionary enhanced compensation offer where we will buy eligible properties for the open market value plus a home loss payment of 25%. For homeowners, this will be available via the Home Purchase Bond Scheme.

Our Property Policies Information Paper provides details of our compensation offers and eligibility for the schemes.

Wider Property Offer Zone

The above offer also applies for eligible residential properties in the Wider Property Offer Zone.

Both zones referred to above are shown on the map above.

How we will help

We recognise this could be a difficult time for home owners. Our plan is to provide support through our Home Relocation Support Service, where home owners require additional assistance to move home.

It is our intention to protect the most vulnerable owners. We have introduced an interim Property Hardship Scheme that assists those who have a compelling need to move but who are unable to sell their house on the open market, by selling their property to Heathrow.

Commercial and other property policies

Our interim property policies also include the support that is available for commercial and agricultural land and property owners.

Beyond the Compulsory Purchase Zone

Beyond the Compulsory Purchase Zone there are other areas of land which may be needed for associated infrastructure, environmental mitigation and other uses to facilitate the project. The draft Development Consent Order Limits are the extent of land beyond the Compulsory Purchase Zone where we may need to exercise DCO powers for the construction or operation of the project. There are no residential properties beyond the Compulsory Purchase Zone anticipated to be required for acquisition for the project.

Further information is available in the Property Policies Information Paper.

Register your interest

We are keen to hear from residents who are interested in the Home Purchase Bond Scheme and are considering views as to when homes could be sold to Heathrow. We have sent a Contact Request Form to residents and would like to receive responses during consultation.

We will provide more details of the Home Purchase Bond Scheme, including the intended launch date, as soon as we finalise our interim property policies, which will take account of feedback received and once we have clarity on regulatory policy from the Civil Aviation Authority. You can complete the Contact Request Form online at aec.heathrowconsultation.com/compensation or can e-mail us at [email protected] to arrange a follow-up with a member of our team.

You can find further information on our compensation offers in our Property Policies Information Paper. We are seeking feedback on the policies as part of this public consultation.


Expanding Heathrow is more than building a new runway – we also need to build facilities for passengers, make changes to roads and car parks, and relocate some of the existing airport infrastructure.

Over the past two years we have engaged with and considered the views of over 1,000 stakeholders and our local community to help develop our preferred scheme. Over time, our new runway will increase our flights from 480,000 to just over 750,000 per year. About 80 million people fly with us each year today. This will increase to about 142 million. We will also double the amount of cargo we can handle.

As part of our application to expand Heathrow, we propose that some of the extra flights, which could be up to 25,000 additional flights per year, are introduced early on our existing two runways prior to our proposed third runway being brought into operation.

The map below shows the key features of the new airport when we have finished building. On Local overview – How we will build it we show the steps we will take to get there.

We want to finish the runway as soon as possible. If we get permission, we are aiming to complete it by the end of 2026. When the runway is open we will have finished most of the work closest to communities. Most work after that will be inside the new airport boundary. The main works outside the new airport boundary will be to Stanwell Moor Junction, the southern parkway, and the northern parkway.

More local area information


Please also see the related local area overview pages for more information:

  • During this consultation we are also hosting 40 events. To find an event near you, visit Events.

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Our Heathrow Expansion and Your Area documents set out our development proposals, their potential effects and how we propose to reduce them.

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