Local overview – Reducing noise effects

A larger Heathrow may mean some local communities will hear more noise from construction activities, from aircraft on the ground and in the air, and from local roads.

Reducing noise from planes

We will:

  • Introduce and enforce a ban on scheduled night flights of 6.5hrs
  • Alternate the use of the runways to provide predictable periods of respite from aircraft noise
  • Encourage airlines to use quieter aircraft
  • Make aircraft come into land and fly out at steeper angles
  • Make aircraft land further down the runway so they remain higher for longer

Noise insulation for homes

We will offer noise insulation to eligible local residents, in order to address the effects of noise from an expanded airport through our insulation schemes.

Reducing noise impact on community buildings

Noise insulation will be provided for eligible community buildings that are likely to be affected by noise.

Temporary re-housing

Heathrow will also introduce a Temporary Home Relocation Scheme for those most impacted by short term construction noise.

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