Local overview – New walking and cycling routes

We want to make it easier for people to walk and cycle to, from, and around the airport.

We know that the roads around the airport can be unattractive to pedestrians and cyclists. We are proposing a “Green Loop” around the airport, which will be:

  • A leisure network: connecting communities and offering opportunities for running, cycling and walking.
  • A green network: making connections between existing and new green spaces around the edge of the airport.
  • A living network: linking different outdoor spaces surrounding the airport, such as rivers, grassland, woodland and wetlands.

To create the Green Loop, we will build new footpaths and cycle routes, and we will upgrade existing ones.

We also want to provide direct cycle links to local communities, to make it easier to commute to the airport by bike. These links would connect to new cycle lanes that we are proposing to build on airport roads.