Local overview – Local benefits and community fund

We want to maximise the significant benefits and opportunities of the project to ensure that local people can share in the opportunities that an expanded airport creates.

Maximising benefits

The expansion of Heathrow will bring economic benefits to the whole of the UK and local communities.

Expansion will:

  • Connect the UK to more countries
  • Boost trade and tourism
  • Double cargo capacity

Locally, expansion will:

  • Create 40,000 new jobs for local communities
  • Increase the number of apprenticeships by 5,000
  • Boost local business with more regional and international trade
  • Employ just under 14,000 construction workers at the peak of the build

For more information please see our Preliminary Environmental Information Report, Volume 1, Chapter 18: Socio-Economics and Employment ,the more detailed document called Economic Development Framework, and the Socio-Economics and Employment.

We are also investing in the local area – to improve transport connections, green space around the airport, and community facilities.

The community fund and minimising impacts

We are proposing a Community Fund to compensate for some of the effects of expansion on our communities.

We want our communities to be great places to live and through the Community Fund we will invest to improve the quality of life for local residents.

For more information see our Proposals for Mitigation and Compensation document.

We would like your views on these ideas and other aspects of our proposals on how you think the Community Fund should work.

Information specific to your local area

Please see our local neighbourhood pages for information specific to your area:

Other topics in this area

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