Local overview – Construction traffic

We will need to get workers and construction materials to the site and this will create some traffic. We aim to minimise effects by taking steps to reduce the number of trips we need and manage them more effectively.

Construction traffic routes

At the start of construction, we will use the existing road network. We will restrict access for construction traffic through village centres and high streets, but it may occasionally be necessary, for example to allow delivery of local materials.

We will build dedicated construction roads. These will start to open in 2023. The existing A4 and A3044 will remain open at this stage to provide access between construction areas that are not linked by the new construction roads.

In 2025 the sections of the A4 and A3044 within the site will be closed and all major internal construction roads will be separated from the public highway network.

After the runway opens, construction traffic will reduce and access to construction sites will be via public roads including the new A4 and A3044.

Construction Traffic Routes (Early Construction)
Construction Traffic Routes (2023)
Construction Traffic Routes (Runway Opening)
Construction Traffic Routes (2030)

Reducing road trips

We will do this in five main ways. We will:

  • Try to re-use earth and other material we need to excavate somewhere else on-site. This keeps trips within the site. Some material cannot be re-used and will be sent off-site and some new material will need to be brought in
  • Use a new railhead at Colnbrook to move material by train
  • Use off-site assembly and construction and bring them to the site in fewer trips
  • Encourage workers to use public transport to get to the site
  • Use construction support sites to hold materials and bring them to site only when required. This will reduce traffic, queuing and emissions.

Managing road traffic

We have produced draft management plans for both workers and materials that seek to reduce impacts on roads. We are consulting on both of these plans as part of this consultation. They seek to reduce congestion and emissions, and ensure the safety of all road users.

The plans have various measures, including the use of management systems to spread the arrival of deliveries across the day and avoid peak times.The plans will set out designated routes to the site that vehicles will need to use, and we are consulting on which of these should see more traffic than the others. These are shown in different years on the maps above.

Further detail is available in the draft Code of Construction Practice document.