Intelligent Mobility Proposals

Intelligent Mobility is about using innovative technologies, ideas and data to improve the information and services that help people and goods to travel efficiently to, from and around the airport.

This could include innovative transport modes like our existing Personal Rapid Transit system which operates fully automated vehicles at Terminal 5 or a single card (or smartphone app) which provides access to trains, buses, bikes and cars on demand.

We are proposing an Intelligent Mobility Strategy to improve passengers’ journey experiences with informed travel choices to influence more environmentally sustainable travel. We think that Intelligent Mobility will support sustainable and seamless door-to-door journeys that reduce the total level of vehicle trips.

This will be done by providing personalised information to our customers and colleagues on a broad selection of transport modes at the appropriate time relating to their journey to Heathrow. Our proposals focus on:

  • Enhanced Mobility Information Services; and
  • A Heathrow Travel Wallet

Enhanced Mobility Information Services will improve the timely communication of public transport information, which can allow for more sustainable travel choices. This will support passengers and colleagues in identifying sustainable travel options at the time when they most need it, enhancing their journey experience.

A Heathrow Travel Wallet for colleagues will allow us to manage, plan and incentivise colleagues’ journeys to Heathrow, providing greater information on colleague movements and mobility needs.