Indicative Construction Programme

We have developed a programme for the construction of our Preferred Masterplan to be delivered in the four phases of development.

The exact timings and the order of development will depend on the demands and needs of our passengers and airlines in the future. This section should be read alongside Our preferred masterplan and our Plans section where the four phases are further explained.

For more information on the construction activities proposed in your local area please see Local neighbourhoods.

Anticipated early works

Before the main construction works begin, and ahead of the decision on our DCO application, we expect to carry out a number of early works. We currently anticipate that these works will take place in 2020 and 2021. These are expected to include the undergrounding of overhead power lines and some activities to reduce our environmental effects. All of these will be subject to the necessary planning approvals.

We also expect some non-Heathrow developments to be constructed during this period, including the proposed replacement Energy from Waste plant.

Phase 1

DCO approval to runway opening (2021 to around 2026)

To deliver Phase 1 of our Preferred Masterplan

If our application is successful we expect to be granted development consent in late 2021 and construction of the main works will start soon after. This is expected to involve roughly five years of construction.

Construction activities will include removal of existing buildings and structures, the re-provision of some commercial and industrial properties and re-routing of gas, electric and water supplies.

There will be earthworks, which involves excavating materials and moving them from one location to another to help raise or lower the level of land.

We intend to use as much suitable material arising from the earthworks as possible within the development site so that we can reduce the need to import or export large quantities of material.

Ahead of the runway opening there will also be construction work to realign rivers, build the new runway and airfield and create areas of landscaping and open space.

Indicative construction area in roughly 2023
Indicative construction area in roughly 2025
Indicative construction area at runway opening

Phase 2

From runway opening (around 2026) to approximately 115 mppa (around 2030)

To deliver Phase 2 of our Preferred Masterplan

Once the new runway is open, most construction activities to the north and west of it will be complete. Activity will increasingly be consolidated within the expanded airport boundary, which will reduce disruption for communities.

Construction activities will include ongoing development of Terminal 5X and Terminal 2A and their supporting infrastructure, and the realignment of the A3113 and Stanwell Moor Junction.

We will construct the initial phase of the new Southern Parkway and the Southern Road Tunnel, connecting the south of the airport with the Central Terminal Area.

We will also create new aircraft stands between the new runway and the central runway and will decommission the Construction Support Sites to the north west of the new runway, except for the railhead.

Indicative construction area at 115 mppa (around 2030)

Phase 3

From approximately 115 mppa (around 2030) to approximately 130 mppa (around 2035)

To deliver Phase 3 of our Preferred Masterplan

Construction activities will be mostly located within the airport. The construction activities will include the ongoing development of Terminal 5X and the development of the northern apron and Terminal 5X North, as well as the removal of a section of the A4 and existing facilities.

It will include development of surface parking and changes to the roads around the Northern Parkway and continuing work on expanding the Southern Parkway, reducing number of vehicle trips around the airport roads as we consolidate our parking facilities.

Indicative construction area at 130 mppa (around 2030)

Phase 4

From approximately 130 mppa (around 2035) to approximately 142 mppa (around 2050)

To deliver Phase 4 of our Preferred Masterplan

Construction activities will continue to remain mostly within the airport. Construction activities will include completion of the last phase of Terminal 5X, the second phase of Terminal 5X North and associated taxiways and the construction of Terminal 2C and Terminal 2D satellite and stands. They will also involve the demolition of Terminal 3 and completion of the Northern Parkway.

Indicative construction area in around 2040+ to allow us to achieve 142 mppa in around 2050

Construction method

In section 4 of our Construction Proposals document you can find information on the different construction activities we will need to carry out to build our Preferred Masterplan. These activities have been grouped into the following areas; demolition of properties, construction of new infrastructure, airfi eld expansion (including earthworks), and campus development.

Our proposed construction methodology has also been used for assessments in the Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR).

Feedback from previous consultations

During Airport Expansion Consultation One in January 2018 we identified four potential borrow pits, which are sources of material such as sand, gravel and soil needed for construction, to the west of the airfield.

Some feedback expressed concerns and asked us to reconsider these sites. We have responded to this and have identified alternative sites for the borrow pits in response to the feedback. The original sites no longer form part of the Preferred Masterplan.

Your can read more about proposed borrow pit locations in section 4.3 of the Construction Proposals document.