Freight Proposals

Our ambition is to maintain our position as one of Europe’s best airports for cargo by improving our service and doubling our cargo capacity.

Increasing the amount of cargo at the airport will not mean doubling the number of vehicles or HGVs on the road. Our freight proposals are designed to minimise cargo vehicle trips and reduce the effects of those trips on the local community whilst improving the reliability and ease of use of cargo operations at the airport.

Our freight proposals focus on measures to increase the efficiency of cargo at Heathrow by enabling operators to consolidate cargo consignments onto fewer vehicles. Details of these measures are set out in Part 2 of our Surface Access Proposals document.

As part of our application to expand Heathrow, we will also provide two areas where drivers can wait off-street before being called up to the Cargo Centre when goods are ready for drop-off or collection. This will help reduce congestion and HGV parking on local roads.

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