Environmental Introduction*

We are committed to developing Heathrow responsibly and sustainably, with a focus on the wellbeing of our communities and the environment.

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We are carefully considering the effects expansion may have on the environment and local people. We have planned measures to avoid or reduce these effects, or to improve the current environment wherever possible.

Preliminary Environment Information Report (PEIR)

The PEIR is a preliminary environmental impact assessment (EIA) setting out our initial conclusions on the ‘likely significant environmental effects’ of the Project. Our DCO application will be supported by an Environmental Statement, which will report on the completed EIA.

The PEIR represents a point in that assessment process when the design of the Project is still developing, the likely significant environmental effects are continuing to be assessed and the potential for measures to address environmental effects is still being considered and is being fed back into the design process.

The key aims of the EIA process are to understand current environmental conditions and how they may change in the future as a result of a proposed development. Those changes are assessed based on how “significant” they would be, in both positive and negative terms. The EIA process also identifies and incorporates environmental measures (often referred to as “mitigation”) to avoid, reduce or offset any significant adverse effects. Identifying opportunities to enhance the environment through environmental design is also important.

EIA is a process which develops and adapts over a number of stages. Whilst some environmental measures are identified in the PEIR, continuing design development and feedback received from consultation will result in these being developed further to make them more effective. Our package of environmental measures is an area we are keen to receive feedback on through this consultation.

What’s included in the PEIR? Full list of environmental topics

In the pages within this section, we summarise our work so far, taking each environmental topic in turn.

The full list of environmental topics in this section is:

Please note while some of the sections listed above also have individual questions, the below questions in this page should be considered in the context of all of the pages within this topic group.


Local area information

To make information on environmental effects more easily accessible, we have also set out how specific communities are affected by our proposals in the Local Neighbourhoods section of this website.

Preliminary Environmental Information Report Non-Technical Summary

Sitting alongside the Preliminary Environmental Information Report is a Non-Technical Summary which provides a summary of the full Preliminary Environmental Information Report using less technical, “plain English”, language. The aim of the Preliminary Environmental Information Report Non-Technical Summary is to provide a good understanding of the design and preliminary environmental issues relating to the Project, ensuring the local community and other stakeholders can understand the environmental effects.

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Our Preliminary Environmental Information Report carefully considers the effects that expansion may have on the environment and provides measures to reduce them or improve the current environment wherever possible.

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