Car Parking Proposals

Expansion is an opportunity to make a step change in how colleagues and passengers arrive at the airport, and our car parking proposals play a key role in this and incentivising the use of cleaner vehicles.

The current amount of Heathrow-related car parking will not increase significantly with expansion but will over time be reallocated from colleague to passenger parking. Colleague parking will undergo a phased reduction with passenger parking increasing, but with a reduction in the number of parking spaces per passenger from what we have today.

Our approach is to consolidate car parking at ‘parkways’; areas around the airport with good access to the road network. This allows us to minimise congestion, reduce the amount of land we need for car parking and provide high frequency links directly to the terminals.

We will also increase our provision for electric and zero-emissions vehicles, to encourage drivers to use cleaner, less polluting, vehicles and are committed to reducing parking in residential streets around the airport.

Further information on our parking proposals is available in Roads and rail; Active travel; and Parking.

Public transport – Colleague travel

We want public transport, car sharing, walking and cycling to be the default choice for staff travel, supported by new and improved services, better infrastructure and improved travel information. To achieve this, we will:

  • provide targeted improvements in public and active transport options along corridors where colleagues live;
  • develop a public and active transport focussed masterplan that enables sustainable travel choices for colleagues;
  • provide appropriate parking management in line with the reduction in on-site car parking for colleagues over the period of expansion;
  • encourage non-car travel and reduce the need to travel.

Further information is available in Colleague Travel Proposals.

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