Airport supporting development

Heathrow supports - and is served by - a wide range of operational and commercial facilities within and around the airport, as well as in the wider economy.

Expansion provides an opportunity to improve and consolidate some of these facilities and generate jobs and benefits for local communities. Some of these facilities will be directly affected by expansion whilst others would grow in response to the demand that will be generated by more flights, passengers and cargo.

In particular, expansion will double the cargo capacity at the airport, building on Heathrow’s current position as the biggest port by value for markets outside the EU, responsible for over 35% of UK exports to these countries.

Map of airport supporting development

Cargo and freight forwarding

Growth in international trade is vital for our economic future, but our existing cargo facilities will not support this growth.

We are proposing to double our existing cargo capacity by redeveloping and expanding the existing cargo handling facilities to the south of the Southern Runway. Our Preferred Masterplan also proposes additional freight forwarding warehouses in a consolidated cluster immediately south of the airport with easy access to the cargo hub.

Locating these facilities to the south of the airport with enhanced access to the M25 will limit unnecessary trips around the airport, supporting our environmental commitments and minimising effects on local communities. We propose a new truck park to the northwest of Stanwell Moor junction to reduce the risk of congestion in the cargo area and to allow us to prevent HGVs parking up in residential areas.

Aircraft maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance will continue in its current location in the eastern area of the airport, and in the northern apron near the T5X North.

Hotels and offices

New hotels will be constructed to replace existing hotels displaced by expansion and to meet the needs of additional passengers. Well located hotels are essential to the operation of the airport – our work has focussed on finding sites for new hotels with immediate or easy access to the terminals but also in locations well served by public transport to reduce the number of journeys made on local roads to the main terminal areas. Hotels are planned in the Central Terminal Area (CTA), next to Terminal 5, at Hatton Cross and immediately south of the Northern Parkway.

The Preferred Masterplan also includes proposals for office space within the CTA and at Hatton Cross, along the public transport spine.