How to respond

There are a number of ways you can respond to the consultation, including via this website.

In this consultation we are consulting on a large variety of topics but there is no requirement for you to answer all of the questions. For this reason, we have broken down the questions we’re asking via topics and we have included some online tools to make this easier for you to do.

How to respond using this website

All of the consultation questions are built within the Topic area section of this website which can be accessed via the main menu.

All of the consultation questions can be found in the “Topic pages” section of this website, accessible via the main menu.

After you answer your first question, you’ll be presented with a banner at the top of your screen, titled “My Responses” (pictured below), which will show how many questions you have answered. Clicking on this banner will provide you with a full list of the consultation questions as well as any of your responses. This works much like the “shopping cart” feature used on many shopping websites.

This banner will continue to appear as you navigate your way through any other topics you may want to respond to. Once you’ve answered all your chosen topics, click on the banner and then follow the prompts to submit.


  • Choose the topic you’d like to respond to via the Topic areas section;
  • Click “Save my response”
  • Once presented with the “My Responses” section, either;
      • View your responses and click “Ready to send”, OR
      • Click on another topic you’d like to respond to.

Please note, we strongly recommend entering your email when submitting a question (under “Don’t lose your answers”). This will mean you receive a link allowing you to return at any time to your responses during the consultation and complete your response. Unless you choose to provide your email again when finalising your response, we will only ever use this email to send you a follow-up reminder before the close of the consultation.

Responding via a paper form

If you’d like to respond via a paper form, these are available at each of our events or upon request via the Contact details on this website.

Responding via email

Please email your feedback please send it to [email protected].

Attending an event

We are holding over 40 events during the consultation where you can talk to a variety of experts about our proposals. You can search for an event near you on this website.

Online tools on this website – Interactive map, Address checker and Events search

Not sure where to start? There are interactive elements on this website that may help.

Interactive map: In the Plans section of this website you’ll find an easy to use interactive map that displays the different phases of our preferred masterplan.

Address checker: In the Compensation section of this website you’ll find an address checker where you can find out whether or not you may be eligible for residential property compensation.

Events search: In the Events section you can search for events in your area. You’ll be presented with the events listed by ascending distance from your location.

What to do if you need help

If you require help with understanding the materials within this consultation please either attend an event or contact our Community Relations team using the details on our Contact us page.

If you’re having trouble with the response tool, or any of the other elements, on this website please use the “Get Help” button in the footer menu of the site.