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Expanding Heathrow is about more than building a new runway. To operate a three-runway airport, we also need to build passenger facilities, infrastructure and relocate or replace some existing buildings and land uses. Our Preferred Masterplan sets out our plans for the future expansion of Heathrow. It has been developed taking into account feedback from previous consultations, as well as community, consumer and stakeholder engagement events and our ongoing design and assessment work.

1. Please tell us what you think about any specific parts of our Preferred Masterplan or the components that make up the masterplan.

The expansion of Heathrow will require a number of existing buildings and community facilities to be moved, such as the Immigration Removal Centres at Harmondsworth and Colnbrook.

2. Please tell us what you think about the sites we have identified for buildings and facilities we are proposing to move.

The boundary of an expanded Heathrow will be carefully designed to improve the overall appearance of the airport and help it blend into the surrounding area.

3. Please tell us what you think of our boundary design proposals to manage noise and the effects on views around the boundary of the expanded airport.

Our Heathrow Expansion and Your Area documents set out our development proposals, their potential effects and how we propose to reduce them. The ten local areas covered are:The ten local areas covered are: Bedfont and Mayfield Farm; Brands Hill; Colnbrook and Poyle; Cranford, Hatton and North Feltham; Harlington and Cranford Park; Harmondsworth; Longford and Bath Road; Richings Park; Sipson; and Stanwell and Stanwell Moor.

4. Please tell us what you think about our development proposals and the measures proposed to reduce effects in these areas.


The expansion of Heathrow will require careful planning to ensure that it is successfully delivered in a way that considers the effects of construction on local communities, the environment and the transport network.

5. Please tell us what you think of our construction proposals and the ways we are proposing to minimise effects on communities and the environment.

Future Operations

In response to our previous consultation, we have developed a combined runway alternation and night flights scheme which prioritises respite for communities closest to the airport in the evening, night and early morning periods. As part of our plans for runway alternation, we are proposing four runway operating patterns. We would rotate between these patterns at either 2pm or 3pm and again at midnight each day. The sequence of these patterns will be repeated every four days.

6. Please tell us what you think of our runway alternation proposals, in particular we would like to know if you think we should alternate the runways at 2pm or 3pm.

7. Please tell us what you think of our preferred proposal for a ban on scheduled night flights, and/or whether you would prefer an alternative proposal.

We plan to increase the number of arrivals and departures at Heathrow prior to the new runway opening, to respond to the urgent need for additional airport capacity.

8. Please tell us what you think about our proposals for managing early growth.

Surface Access

Our proposals for public transport at an expanded Heathrow are based on: Making best use of existing public transport; Supporting committed improvements; and Developing new public transport routes.

9. Please tell us what you think of our proposals and how we could further encourage or improve public transport access to the airport.

We are proposing to introduce a Heathrow Ultra-Low Emission Zone by 2022, which will help us to manage emissions and encourage passengers to consider other modes of transport or cleaner vehicles. We are also proposing to use charging to supplement improvements to public transport and encourage its use, this is known as the Heathrow Vehicle Access Charge. This would be introduced from the opening of the new runway.

10. Please tell us what you think about our proposals for the Heathrow Ultra Low Emission Zone and Heathrow Vehicle Access Charge as ways to manage congestion and air quality impacts.

11. Do you have any other comments on our Surface Access Proposals?

Preliminary Environmental Information and Managing the effects of Expansion

Our Preliminary Environmental Information Report carefully considers the effects that expansion may have on the environment and provides measures to reduce them or improve the current environment wherever possible.

12. Please tell us what you think about our proposals to manage the environmental effects of expansion.

Air Quality

Our surface access proposals will help us manage airport-related emissions and our Preferred Masterplan has been designed to reduce the impact of the airport on local air quality. Chapter 7 of the Preliminary Environmental Information Report, published as part of this consultation sets out in detail the work we have done to assess the effects on air quality from the construction and operation of an expanded Heathrow.

13. Please tell us if there are any other initiatives or proposals that we should consider in order to address the emissions from airport related traffic or airport operations?

Health and Well-being

The health and well-being of our passengers, colleagues and neighbours is important to us and we have carefully considered the effects expansion may have on them.

14. Please tell us what you think about our proposals to help health and well-being. Are there any other proposals that you think we should consider to address the effects of the Project on the health and wellbeing of our colleagues, neighbours and passengers?

Noise Insulation Scheme

We are proposing to introduce three noise insulation schemes for eligible local residents to address the effects of noise from an expanded airport. These will open in stages and prioritise properties in the highest noise areas.

15. Please tell us what you think about our noise insulation schemes.

Noise is one of the biggest concerns for communities living close to airports. We are proposing to introduce new and improved ways to manage noise at an expanded Heathrow such as introducing a 6.5 hour scheduled night flight ban, utilising runway alternation and developing a noise envelope.

16. Please tell us what factors are most important as we develop our proposals for noise management, in particular our proposals for the design and implementation of a noise envelope.

Economic Development

Heathrow is a cornerstone of the local economy and we are one of the largest single-site employers in the country. Expansion will provide a range of new employment and training opportunities.

17. Please tell us what you think of our proposals for maximising new jobs and training. Are there any other ways that we can maximise skills and training opportunities to benefit our local communities?

Historic Environment

The expansion of Heathrow presents both challenges and opportunities for the historic environment and for the historic buildings and features which may be affected. We have set out in the Preliminary Environmental Information Report a series of historic environment principles that are informing the design and development of the expansion of Heathrow and have included a number of measures within the scheme design to minimise effects on the historic environment. We are proposing four historic environment strategies that will address effects on the historic environment.

18. Please tell us what you think about our approach to addressing effects on the historic environment, including any particular proposals you would like us to consider.

Environmentally Managed Growth

We are proposing to operate an expanded Heathrow within a set of strict environmental limits which would be monitored and enforced by an independent body.

19. Please tell us what you think of our proposed approach to manage the future growth of the airport within environmental limits. Is there anything else we should consider as we develop the framework and its potential limits?

Community Fund

We are proposing a new Community Fund to help address the positive and negative effects of the Project and to improve the quality of life in the area around the airport.

20. Please tell us what you think about our proposals for the Fund, including what it is spent on, where it is spent, and how it should be funded and delivered.

Property and Compensation

People who live in or own property near Heathrow airport could be affected by its expansion. We will need to acquire areas of land which currently include residential, commercial and agricultural properties. We have prepared the interim Property Policies to explain our general approach to buying properties and land and set out the discretionary compensation offers available for eligible properties. These discretionary offers are intended to enhance the terms available under the Statutory Compensation Code for eligible properties, but do not change your statutory rights.

21. Please tell us what you think about our interim Property Policies, including our general approach to buying properties and land and our approach to compensation, including our discretionary compensation offers.

Development Consent Order

To get permission for our expansion proposals we will need to apply for a specific type of permission called a Development Consent Order (DCO). The DCO will contain the legal powers we need to build and operate the expanded airport. It will also place certain constraints on us, including obligations to minimise and reduce the effects of expansion and to pay compensation for land that has to be compulsorily acquired.

22. Do you have any comments on what we think will need to be contained in our DCO and do you have any views on anything else the DCO should contain?

General comments

23. Do you have any other comments in response to this consultation?

24. Please give us your feedback on this consultation (such as the documents, website and events).